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The essence of LED price war only for market not profit

To profit, or to market? In the haze of price war LED enterprise, it is indeed a dilemma. Low price is the market take the edge tool, but it means that the low profit, low income; If positioning high-end, high … Continue reading

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Low price can not be a long-term development of the LED business strategy

2013 is about gone, look back at this year, the development of the electronics industry, can be described as ill-fated, especially the development of the LED industry, It is very frightened, many enterprises in perpetuity like forward. LED as a … Continue reading

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LED road lighting energy conservation at the same time should be more humane

Recently, Zhuhai City, announced a major energy-saving projects, before the end of 2013, more than 90,000 streetlights in Zhuhai City all transformed for the LED lights, and at the same time plans to build more than 7800 LED street lamps. … Continue reading

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how to rescued in a mess lighting market

2012 years of lighting industry experiencing unprecedented ups and downs, after the government and local’s support, the rapid warming LED lighting market did not have to transfer.  the government support and faced with industry no standardized competition, even some price … Continue reading

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LED indoor lighting market prospect

As the future trend of the development of lighting,  what kind of LED large-scale enter indoor lighting process ? In the current many LED indoor lighting products, LED bulb is one of the important form. According to the LED lighting … Continue reading

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LED Lighting grown space

Bonshine lighting general sales manager Wangpeng indicated: Taiwan s important OLED R&D base in the world, both of Taiwan straits cooperate well, this will promote OLED development in future.Electronic information product Management Company indicated, government will offer funds on the … Continue reading

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Explore opportunities in the crisis and to meet the development spring

Influenced by world’s economic situation and lighting market does not start in large-scale,this year LED Industry enter into a tough period,the entirely market presents downturn.After previous years rapid development,the situation nowadays push industry insider to start rational thinking about the … Continue reading

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Several aspects of the LED product market can not be ignored

LED products have broad market prospects unsurprisingly, especially in the field of lighting. If the LED light source is widely used in the field of lighting will be a revolution in the history of mankind lighting. Constrained by technology and … Continue reading

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Installation process in the led panel light

1, Products and flammable materials to ensure a distance of at least 0.2m, to ensure that installed ceiling has gap of 2 cm high, the led panel light can not all be installed inside the ceiling, or the heat source against the wall, … Continue reading

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LED industry market certification detail Information

一. EU market certification 1.CE certification “CE” mark is a safety certification mark, as LED manufacturers to open and enter the European market passport. Those who posted “CE” mark products can be members of domestic sales in the EU, in … Continue reading

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