LED panel lighting application quietly hair force

LED panel light applications is quietly force. Although the traditional products because of weak export demand and the overall growth is slow, but, LED lighting is relying on its rising price, to open more and more application market.

2012 domestic led light panel master obtained a high growth, wherein, indoor LED lighting is expected to reach the scale of 33.7 billion yuan ( 2011 18.6 billion yuan  ), outdoor market growth of 57% reached 8 billion yuan. The majority of the company ‘s growth rate is lower than the growth of the industry, because there are more participants. In 2013, we think the traditional lighting company is to accelerate LED layout, and policy drive, LED lighting will be sustained high growth, predicting home indoor and outdoor LED lighting market will grow respectively 59% and 45%.

Backlight market growth rate of 2012 above and beyond early estimates, is expected to exceed 20%. BOE and photoelectric 2pcs of 8.5 generation capacity climbing, for domestic manufacturers are good opportunities for expansion, so multiple company obtained rapid growth opportunities. In 2013 the overall market is moving towards the saturation stage light, however, because the industry is transferred to China signs, still have the advantage of enterprises are expected to achieve rapid growth opportunities.

Production surplus in the upstream areas, profitability declined. The chip in the product prices continued to decline, the chip and package gross margins continued to decline, and the application is relatively stable. LED new investment began to shift to the downstream application field, especially the field of illumination, chip investment is greatly reduced.

Technical barriers to reduce, industry experience and supply capacity of the dominant firm concentration. Chip technology and scale of a are not missing, an optoelectronic competitiveness is relatively stable, ETI is a breakthrough; packaging barriers to entry minimum, photoelectric and Hongli photoelectric have relative advantage; applications, most professional LED panel lighting company first advantage is not solid.

The most important phenomenon is the traditional lighting companies in the LED acceleration layout. Wherein, YANKON, creating the sound and color layout relatively early, begin to reflect the effect, while the NVC and FSL also increased the intensity of the development of LED lighting products. Whether international or domestic lighting company will release the OEM orders, for supporting the downstream industry is significant opportunity. While the dominant firm because of cost advantage, have the opportunity to achieve rapid growth.

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